Publishing Policies & Ethics

  1. The Authors shall deliver the refereed and accepted papers to the Publisher in the specified electronic format not later than 14th June 2021 (hereinafter called the “Submission Date”). Provided all papers are delivered to the Publisher by the Submission Date, and provided those papers are prepared in full accordance with the Journal’s Author Guidelines and Peer Review Policy and supplied to the Publisher using the procedures in the Journal’s Submission Guidelines for Conference Authors (these guidelines are referred to in Appendix A), the Publisher shall publish the Work in the Journal within six months of delivery.

  2. Authors who provide an email address will receive notification shortly after the proceedings are published

  3. Copyright in the Work will not be assigned to the Publisher but retained by individual authors or their employers. The Publisher will be granted a licence to publish on the terms set out in Appendix B (“the Proceedings Publication Licence”). The Author/s is responsible for bringing to the attention of the community the fact that by submitting an article for publication in the Journal an author is assumed to accept the terms of the Proceedings Publication Licence. The Author/s shall do this by using prominent wording in an appropriate and suitable position on the conference web site, including it in all emails or documents which issue a call for papers, emailing all potential authors to notify them of the Proceedings Publication Licence and its conditions, emailing them again where possible on submission of a paper and all other appropriate means.

    The Publisher shall supply the Author/s with detailed instructions concerning the supply of electronic files including text and illustrations, and preparation of any supplementary material. For the preparation and naming of the files the short-form title for the conference is ICRTSEM 2021.

  4. The Publisher reserves the right to publish the Work at a later date if the complete Work is not delivered to the Publisher by the Submission Date, or if the Work is, in part or as a whole, not prepared as specified in the guidelines referred to in Appendix A or otherwise not in conformity with this Agreement. Any papers in the Work which are not prepared in accordance with the Publisher’s guidelines or requirements may be returned to the Author/s for correction or amendment, which will result in publication delays.

  5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the papers in the Work shall be full proceedings papers. If the Work contains more than 5% of abstract-only or 1-page poster paper submissions the Publisher reserves the right to decline, or delay, in whole or in part, publication of the Work.

  6. The Publisher reserves the right to exclude any papers from the Work if in its opinion, or those of its advisers, any papers are considered inappropriate for publication by the Publisher. Such reasons shall include, but not be limited to, papers which infringe third party rights, contain libellous or unlawful statements or have not been peer reviewed in accordance with the Peer Review Policy referred to in Appendix A. The Author/s shall indemnify, defend and hold Publisher harmless against any loss, damage, cost, liability or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) which arises from any action or claim of a third party that the Work contains libellous or unlawful statements or that publication of the Work infringes the copyright or other intellectual property right of such third party.

  7. In the event of the Publisher excluding individual papers from the Work, the Organiser shall be entitled to charge the Author/s a Registration fee per excluded paper. If the Publisher decides to exclude all the papers in the Work, the registration fee charged shall be 100% of the total fee agreed between the parties for the publication of the Work. The parties agree that these amounts are genuine pre-estimates of the work undertaken by the Publisher to review the papers and are not intended as a penalty.

  8. Papers submitted to the Journal must have been peer reviewed in accordance with the Journal’s Peer Review Policy referred to in Appendix A, have been checked by the Editors and authors and be in final form ready for publication. The Author/s must ensure that those conducting peer review abide by the Journal’s Peer Review Policy.

  9. The Work shall contain the following published submitted along with copyright form.

  10. Authors will not be sent proofs of their papers. After submission of the accepted papers it will not normally be possible to include amended or corrected papers in the Journal.

  11. Post-publication changes to the Work will be made at the sole discretion of the Publisher.

Appendix A: Summary of important documentation

The Organiser’s attention is drawn to the following documents that form part of this Agreement and which the Organiser (or Editors) must comply with.

• Proceedings peer review policy

Peer review of papers published in the Journals titles is undertaken through processes administered by the organizers and proceedings editors. The detailed procedures will vary from event to event according to the custom and practice of each community. Our publishing policy require peer review to be undertaken in accordance with the principles outlined below. In addition, all published proceedings contain a published Statement of Peer Review:
“All papers published in this volume of … have been peer reviewed through processes administered by the proceedings Editors. Reviews were conducted by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards expected of a proceedings journal.

All conferences are requested to adhere to the following minimum standards:

• Unbiased consideration is given to all manuscripts offered for publication in the proceedings regardless of race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship or political philosophy of the authors.
• Ensuring that no terminology is used that, in the opinion of publisher, is offensive or might be perceived to be offensive to others.
• Conference papers should meet all the usual standards of quality for an International Journal Publishing publication. However, referees should take into account the conference nature of the articles and so consider background papers more favourably than would be normal for a regular paper. These allowances should not go so far as to approve papers of low scientific standard or papers that have been published in written form elsewhere. Review papers are also welcomed and accepted.
• Referees should give a clear statement of recommendation for each paper and supply comments to support their recommendation suitable for transmission to the author.

It will be of great help to the Conference Organizers if referees could consider the following key points related to scientific content, quality and presentation. Technical Criteria

• Scientific merit: notably scientific rigour, accuracy and correctness.
• Clarity of expression; communication of ideas; readability and discussion of concepts.
• Sufficient discussion of the context of the work, and suitable referencing. Quality Criteria
• Originality: Is the work relevant and novel?
• Motivation: Does the problem considered have a sound motivation? All papers should clearly demonstrate the scientific interest of the results.
• Repetition: Have significant parts of the manuscript already been published?
• Length: Is the content of the work of sufficient scientific interest to justify its length? Presentation Criteria
• Title: Is it adequate and appropriate for the content of the article?
• Abstract: Does it contain the essential information of the article? Is it complete? Is it suitable for inclusion by itself in an abstracting service?
• Diagrams, figures, tables and captions: Are they essential and clear?
• Text and mathematics: Are they brief but still clear? If you recommend shortening, please suggest what should be omitted.
• Conclusion: Does the paper contain a carefully written conclusion, summarizing what has been learned and why it is interesting and useful?
• Submission Guidelines for Conference Organisers Available from Templates Authors must prepare their papers using our Microsoft Word template, and then convert these to PDF format for submission:

Appendix B: The Proceedings Publication Licence

Licence terms and conditions

By submitting your paper to the conference organiser, you, as author/representative of all the authors, grant a royalty free licence to Publisher to use the copyright in the paper for the full term of copyright in all ways otherwise restricted by copyright, including the right to reproduce, distribute and communicate the article to the public under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence ( and to make any other use which publisher may choose world-wide, by all means, media and formats, whether known or unknown at the date of submission, to the conference organiser.

This licence does not transfer the copyright in the paper as submitted which therefore remains with the authors or their employer, as appropriate. publisher encourages authors to use the paper in any way provided that, where possible, he/she displays citation information and the Publisher Proceedings Licence Notice, for electronic use, best efforts are made to include a link to the online abstract in the journal and no author offers the paper to another publisher (prior to withdrawal or rejection) or includes it in another publisher's website.

However, a re-written and extended version of the paper may be published in another journal provided such re-use is within generally accepted ethical scientific limits and provided further citation information and the Publisher Proceedings Licence Notice is displayed if possible, and for electronic use best efforts are made to include a link to the online abstract in the journal.

By granting this licence, the author warrants that the paper he/she is submitting is his/her original work, has not been published previously (other than in a research thesis or dissertation which fact has been notified to the conference organiser in writing), all named authors participated sufficiently in the conception and writing of the paper, have received a final version of the paper, agree to its submission and take responsibility for it, and the submission has been approved as necessary by the authorities at the establishment where the research was carried out.

By granting this licence, the author also warrants that he/she acts on behalf of, and with the knowledge of, all authors of the paper, that the paper does not infringe any third party rights, it contains nothing libellous, all factual statements are, to the best of the authors' knowledge, true or based on valid research conducted according to accepted norms, and all required permissions have been obtained.